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Energy Analyst (Attune Energy Optimization)


Here at Honeywell we are recruiting an Energy Analyst to undertake evaluations of the energy and utility performance for our customers. By using energy audits or an industry based rating assessment, you will identify energy and cost savings improvements. You will also work with customers to develop long term energy road maps and strategies. Using your expertise you’ll provide thought leadership, project management and guidance to the technical team to manage the design and implementation of energy saving solutions.

• Perform wide range of analysis, including energy analyses, analysis of fuel and utility bills, estimate energy efficiency savings and costs, provide financial analysis, and measure engineering analysis.
• Perform benefit-cost analysis on prospective energy efficiency measures and programs.
• Work with management to design and perform energy efficiency.
• Select and apply appropriate statistical methods in energy efficiency.
• Justify and document technical decisions related to research planning and data analysis.
• Report and present results and findings, as well as actionable recommendations to utility clients and regulators.
• Build and maintain relationships with client decision makers and staff to maximize productivity and cultivate future opportunities.
• Oversee energy modeling services.
• Manage risk associated with energy.
• Design changes and innovations in order to assess energy impact
• Regular review and analysis of energy data to report on anomalies or other off-target trends.
• Support development and implementation of Measurement and Verification (M&V).
• Calculate potential for energy savings.
• Analyze energy bills including utility rates or tariffs to gather historical energy usage data
• Collect and analyze field data related to energy usage.
• Educate customers on energy efficiency or answer questions on topics such as the costs of running household appliances or the selection of energy efficient appliances.
• Identify and prioritize energy saving measures.
• Inspect or evaluate building envelopes, mechanical systems, electrical systems, or process systems to determine the energy consumption of each system.
• Perform tests such as blower-door tests to locate air leaks.
• Prepare audit reports containing energy analysis results or recommendations for energy cost savings.
• Prepare job specification sheets for home energy improvements, such as attic insulation, window retrofits, or heating system upgrades.
• Quantify energy consumption to establish baselines for energy use or need.
• Recommend energy efficient technologies or alternate energy sources.
• Analyze technical feasibility of energy saving measures using knowledge of engineering, energy production, energy use, construction, maintenance, system operation, or process systems.
• Compare existing energy consumption levels to normative data.
• Identify opportunities to improve the operation, maintenance, or energy efficiency of building or process systems.
• Measure energy usage with devices such as data loggers, universal data recorders, light meters, sling psychrometers, psychrometric charts, flue gas analyzers, amp probes, watt meters, volt meters, thermometers, or utility meters.
• Determine patterns of building use to show annual or monthly needs for heating, cooling, lighting, or other energy needs.
• Oversee installation of equipment such as water heater wraps, pipe insulation, weather-stripping, door

pausa para respirar, y seguimos...

Basic Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical / Electrical/Energy Management Engineering
• 2+ years of working experience with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word
• 2+ years of work experience in a consulting environment or energy-related field
• 2+ years of working experience with energy modeling software (example: HAP)
• Demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving, and streamlining complex work processes through highly analytical thinking and analysis

Preferred Qualifications and Personal Profiles:
• 3 years experience in energy management
• Experience with Measurement Verification (M&V) Simulation Calibration
• Understand risk mitigation associated with savings guarantee
• Able to recognize trends and spot problems with data quickly
• Process oriented to achieve quality results
• Effective time management skills
• Person willing to improve and learning capable. Team worker.
What do we need?
• Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to develop robust working relationships with customers and stakeholders
• Mature approach in the development of engineering solutions for reducing utility usage and GHG emissions
• Thorough understanding of the requirements for and the undertaking of Energy Audits
• Demonstrated performance in working with solution providers to provide energy/utility performance improvements in commercial, industrial and health facilities
• Industry /Government experience in areas of sustainability /efficiency preferred
• Engineering Design Capability is essential
• Knowledge of energy modeling / best practice is preferred
• Demonstrated capability of leading bid pursuits or complex technical submissions is essential
• An Engineering Degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Mechatronic discipline.
• Knowledge of Energy Savings opportunities in Buildings
• Awareness of Building Standard codes such as LEED, BREEAM, etc
• Knowledge of ISO 50.001 and Energy building certification (CALENER, LIDER, CE3, CE3X).
• Knowledge of IPMVP is preferred.
• Data integration between different databases (ETL/Data warehousing).
• Develop data structures and dashboards/reports (BI). Data analysis.
• Programming front-end solutions to manage data.
• Reporting tools (SSRS-SQL Server Reporting Services) and BI Tools (PowerBI, QlikView, Tableau…)

el trabajo de una sección o un departamento entero, para una sola persona: ingeniero, programador, desarrollo de negocio, marketing, técnico de campo...

piden un poco de Excel, Word.. y ni siquiera piden inglés..

el sueldo.. no lo pone.. pero pueden ser 15.000 brutos, y eso si llega..

hay mucho paro porque los jóvenes no quieren trabajar.. claro, claro..

enjoy Rajoy..

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